Boletín Voices of Civil Society 4

The Civic Forum: The Constructiono f Solutions for Democracy, Human Rights and Overcoming the Emergency in Venezuela

The Civic Forum entered the public scene on February 5, 2021, as a product of actions by a group of citizens, organizations and social movements, that, faced with the need to give citizens a voice in the discussion of the great problems of the country, had been promoting Social Dialogue since 2017.

As a space of multiple actors, the Civic Forum is acting and is structured in a horizontal articulation format, with spokespersons who are specialists on the issues that each of its member organizations and individuals dominates and represents.It is an autonomous space that has no political party affiliations nor affiliations of any other order. It is conceived as an instance of Venezuelan society that links various social actors who decided to establish dialogue with the groups in power, and thus, be an active part of a process that contributes to pave the conditions for the achievement of negotiated solutions, leading to a National Democratic Agreement.

The goal of the Civic Forum is to serve as a space for the meeting of the widest diversity of actors and sectors of the country –businessmen, social organizations,professional associations, unions, guilds, faith communities, academies and universities, among others– with an agenda and within the framework of achieving collective action for the recovery of the rule of law and democracy in Venezuela.

The essential purpose of the Civic Forum, is to get political actors with decisionmaking capacity to listen to the demands of the various sectors of Venezuelan society. And in achieving this, to get those demands to serve for defining a roadmap that allows Venezuela to get out of the stagnation and political irresolution that is currently occurring.

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